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Michael Lee Chambers

Independent arbitrator, mediator, and consultant, dedicated to delivering expert dispute resolution services tailored to your unique needs. 

Meet Michael Lee in 10 min.

3-Minute Videos:  Watch the below 3 videos showcasing Michael Lee's expertise, background, and distinctive approach to dispute resolution.

In this 3-min. interview, I share insights into my extensive background and experience as an arbitrator. Discover the journey that led me to become an independent arbitrator, mediator, and consultant. 

In this 3 min. interview, I share insights into the world of arbitration and explore the dynamic styles of common law and civil law. Discover how I blend these two distinct approaches to deliver efficient and fair dispute resolution.

In this episode, join me for an insightful interview on my approach to efficient case management in arbitration. Discover the strategies and principles I employ to ensure justice is served promptly and effectively.

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