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How to Appoint Michael Lee

Appointing the right candidate for your dispute resolution needs is of utmost importance.  Follow the simple steps below to identify the specific role you require Mr. Lee to perform – whether as an arbitrator, mediator, or consultant. 


STEP 1. Selecting the Right Role

Consider which role aligns best with your specific requirements, and embark on the path to resolving your dispute with confidence and efficiency. 

  • Independent Arbitrator

  • Mediator

  • Consultant

Meaning Arbitrator

STEP 2. Assessing Qualification, Expertise and Compensation Rate

Explore Michael Lee's comprehensive credentials, expertise, and compensation rate to assess his suitability for your specific dispute resolution needs.

Define Arbitrator

FINAL STEP. Checking Conflicts and Availability

Schedule a free pre-appointment interview with Michael Lee to discuss your case, assess conflicts, and ensure his availability for your dispute resolution needs.

Click below to schedule a free 15-minute pre-appointment interview

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