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Indepedent Arbitrator

Engage the expertise of Michael Lee, a distinguished and seasoned independent arbitrator, for a range of crucial roles in your dispute resolution process. With precision and impartiality, Michael Lee serves as a party-appointed arbitrator, a chair or sole arbitrator, and is available as an emergency arbitrator when time is of the essence. Experience the refined approach and unwavering commitment to justice that Michael Lee brings to every case, ensuring a dignified and efficient resolution process.

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Michael Lee, as an experienced mediator, acts as a neutral intermediary, guiding parties through constructive dialogue and negotiation. With a deep understanding of dispute-resolution techniques and effective communication strategies, Michael Lee creates a supportive and collaborative environment for resolving conflicts. As a mediator, he actively listens to the concerns and interests of each party, assisting them in exploring creative options and finding common ground. With a focus on preserving relationships and promoting win-win outcomes, Michael Lee employs his expertise to foster constructive communication and assist parties in reaching durable agreements. Through his impartial guidance and expertise in dispute resolution, he empowers parties to overcome impasses and achieve mutually beneficial resolutions.

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As a consultant, Michael Lee offers his extensive experience in the field of dispute resolution, specializing in arbitration strategy, institution building, and comprehensive training programs for judges, lawyers, in-house legal teams, and business executives. With a wealth of knowledge and practical insights, the consultant collaborates closely with clients to understand their unique needs and challenges. Through strategic analysis, tailored recommendations, and practical solutions, the consultant assists clients in making informed decisions and implementing effective strategies to achieve their desired outcomes. The consultant's role is to provide valuable expertise, share industry best practices, and empower clients to navigate complex dispute resolution scenarios with confidence and success.

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  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Mediation and Negotiation
  • Dispute Resolution Strategies
  • International Commercial Law
  • Technology 
  • Construction 
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Life Sciences
  • Intellectual Property
  • Partnership and Joint Ventures
  • Securities 
  • Hospitality
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